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What is the advantage of Turkish Citizenship?

What is the advantage of Turkish Citizenship?
  • Allowing the holder’s spouse and children under 18 to gain the ccitizenship,
  • Allowing the holder’s children above 18 to have the right to live in Turkey in all tehir life.
  • No wealth decleration needed,
  • No need to lived continously in Turkey for a certain period,
  • Allowing the holder to cast out the investment after holding it for 3 years and to attain a high return on investment.
  • Turkish passport is ranked as 39th strongest passport in the world according to the evaluations in 2019,
  • Allowing the holder to enter more than 7 countries under online visa such as Australia.
  • Allowing the holder to live in a country which is always a popular destination for business opportunities and is projected to rank among world’s largest 10 economies in 2030 according to the IMF’s most recent datas.


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